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Kayak - SUP - Big Pad · Bike


Your Keida Team is planing and organising your event by listening to your ideas and following your visions of an amazing experience. Kayak, Stand Up Paddle, BIG SUP or relaxing on our oversized water mat are a few of our outdoor activities, offering throughout the spring and summer season. But also throughout the autumn and winter months, we are everything else than lazy and offering you organised and guided hiking or bike tours in combination of visiting a typical Mallorcan finca, having tappas and Mallorcan food.

All our events are planned accurate and in detail. Skilled team members are supervising the group during the whole time and make sure, that your event becomes a very special experience and an unforgetable day. Beside our warm personal welcome, the introduction into safety, the material, routs and guiding throughout the activity, we will also take care of the well-being of your/our guests.

Foto instructor de eventos

As not everybody likes the same, we will plan and coordinate the event individualy with you - activity, date, time and duration of the event. With pleasure we will create an offer individualy for you.

We have the facilities and the material for different events and for"Big Groups" If necessary, depending on the activity, we are able to split the group into smaller groups.



The most jolly way to paddle with your friends.
Together on the same board!

You have a passion for Stand Up Paddle and you like to share it with your friends, your family or colleagues? We have the solution! Our BIG SUP! Here you will be able to enjoy your passion with your friends on one SUP. Our BIG SUP takes up to 8 pax at the same time. Kids and adults - there is place for everyone on this extrem stable board. Now all of you can glide through crystal clear water and enjoy the sun together.
You will love it!

You can also combine this activity with the single SUP, Kayaks and our BIG PAD.

kIds on BIG SUP
Adults on BIG SUP


We are well stocked with up to 20 Stand Up Paddle boards to realise events for bigger groups.

Equipped with a versatile range of Stand Up Paddle boards, we are able to satisfy any standard. If you are a beginner, a professional, a child or an adult, ...the safety of our customers comes always first! A safety boat will always be present.

You can also combine this activity with the single SUP, Kayaks and our BIG PAD.

Grupos grandes de SUP
Grupos grandes de SUP


Enjoy the sun and the sea with your friends on our BIG PAD.

Isn't there a child in any adult? Our BIG PAD is the perfect toy for children and adults that like to bluster... but also perfect for having a drink with friends, to relax and to spend some valuable time together on the surface of the sea. The BIG PAD is suitable for up to 10 pax. It is easy to transport but if you wish, we are delivering it to the spot of your choice.

You can also combine this activity with the single SUP, Kayaks and our BIG PAD.

Colchoneta gigante con niños
Colchoneta gigante con familia


For groups up to 30 pax.

Equipped with single / double kayaks and kayaks up to 4 pax (2 adults + 2 children) ...the safety of our customers comes always first! A safety boat will always be present, following the group on any guided tour. Kayak tours are ideal for families as well as groups of friends or colleagues to experience the impressive nature and the crystal clear sea around Sant Elm.

You can also combine this activity with the single SUP, Kayaks and our BIG PAD.

Grupo grande de kayak
Grupo grande de kayak


For groups up to 15 pax.

Equipped with Mountain Bikes in perfect condition to realise tours for groups... Experience with us the surroundings of Sant Elm with the Mountain Bike. A break with a picnic at a typical Mallorcan finca complets the excoursion perfectly.

Grupo grande de mountain bike
Grupo grande de mountain bike

Request your individual offer!


Select your activity for your event, the number of participants, date, time and duration, catering during activity, special requirements and we will submit your indivual offer.

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Or feel free to call us for further information.

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Or get directly in touch with Catrin for a consultation and an offer for your individual event.

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